Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack



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What is Zombie Attack?

Zombie Attack is an action-packed game that challenges players to build defenses and survive waves of zombie attacks. As the undead hordes advance, players must strategically upgrade their weapons and fortifications to fend off different variants of zombies. In this intense battle for survival, players face escalating challenges, requiring quick thinking, resource management, and effective combat strategies to withstand the relentless onslaught of the undead.

How to Play Zombie Attack:

 - Build Defenses:

  • Players must construct effective defenses to withstand the waves of incoming zombies.
  • Choosing strategic locations for defenses is crucial for survival.

 - Survive Zombie Waves:

  • The game unfolds in waves, with each wave bringing increasingly challenging and varied zombies.
  • Players must survive each wave to progress further in the game.

 - Upgrade Weapons:

  • Upgrading weapons is essential for dealing with tougher zombie variants.
  • As the game progresses, players unlock and enhance a variety of weapons to increase their firepower.

 - Upgrade Defenses:

  • Fortifications and defenses can be upgraded to withstand stronger zombie attacks.
  • Upgrades may include reinforced barriers, automated defenses, and other strategic improvements.

 - Defeat Variant Zombies:

  • The zombie threat comes in various forms, each with its unique abilities and challenges.
  • Players must adapt their strategies to defeat different zombie variants effectively.


  •  Use arrows or WASD keys to move
  •  Use the mouse to aim and fire
  •  Use E to release dynamite.


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