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What is Epic War 4?

Epic War 4 is the fourth installment in the Epic War series, offering a thrilling defense game experience. It introduces five unique heroes, each with their own combat abilities, and challenges players to battle through 12 stages across three different modes: normal, hard, and epic. Additionally, there are four extra stages that offer additional challenges to keep players engaged. The game presents a diverse array of units, spells, epic bosses, and surprises, providing hours of engaging gameplay.

How to Play:

  • Camera Movement: Use the left and right arrow keys to move the camera across the stage.
  • Unit Selection: Use 'a' to select all, 's' to select all heroes, and 'd' to select all units.
  • Hotkeys for Spells and Units: Utilize hotkeys 1-6 for spells and qwertyuio for unit selection.
  • Placement Confirmation: Press the space bar to confirm the unit and spell placement.
  • Pause Function: Press 'p' to pause the game.
  • Options and Mute: Access the options page on the map to mute the game.
  • Tower Addition: Towers are available as additional features in the upgrade tree.


  • Hero Abilities: Each hero possesses unique combat abilities to aid in battles.
  • Stage Progression: Battle through 12 stages across normal, hard, and epic modes.
  • Unit and Spell Experimentation: Experiment with 20 different units across five levels and 12 unique spells.
  • Boss Battles: Encounter and defeat four epic bosses as you progress through the stages.


  • Hero Abilities: Utilize the unique combat abilities of five distinct heroes during battles.
  • Stage Variety: Engage in 12 stages offering different difficulties and challenges across three modes.
  • Unit and Spell Variety: Experiment with a wide array of units and spells to strategize and overcome adversaries.
  • Epic Boss Battles: Challenge and defeat four epic bosses, each presenting unique challenges and gameplay experiences.

Epic War 4 offers an immersive defense game experience with diverse heroes, stages, units, spells, and epic boss battles. With its variety of challenges and strategic elements, players can immerse themselves in hours of engaging gameplay.

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