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What is Call of War?

Call of War is a multiplayer strategy game set during World War II, where players assume the role of leaders of various nations. The game revolves around conquering provinces, forming alliances, managing economies, and researching advanced weapons from the World War II era to establish dominance and rewrite history.

How to Play:

  • Nation Selection: Choose a nation to control during World War II and strategize to expand your territory.
  • Conquest: Acquire provinces to accumulate points and ultimately win the game by having the most points or reaching the set limit.
  • Troop Management: Your available troops and resources depend on the map and weather conditions, adding complexity to each game.
  • Rounds and Actions: Each round presents four options: Newspaper for updates, Diplomacy for alliances, Research Branch for advancements, and Coalition for strategic partnerships.


  • Point Accumulation: Acquire as many provinces as possible to score points and lead towards victory.
  • Resource Management: Manage resources and territories to strengthen your nation's economy and military capabilities.
  • Strategic Planning: Use rounds effectively to make diplomatic moves conduct research, and form coalitions for advantageous gameplay.
  • Alliance and Diplomacy: Form alliances with other players for mutual benefits and strategic advantages in conflicts.


  • Expansion Strategies: Rapidly expand your territory and establish fortifications to secure your positions.
  • Construction Planning: Plan and manage building developments efficiently as they can take substantial time to complete.
  • Research and Adaptability: Unlock and research various units to adapt to different situations during gameplay.
  • Territorial Management: Utilize the Provinces feature to keep track of your territories and manage them effectively.
  • Economic Optimization: Take advantage of market offers and espionage to save resources and explore new areas.
  • Unit Knowledge: Understanding unit strengths and weaknesses enhances your tactical decision-making during conflicts.

Call of War offers players a deep and immersive experience in World War II strategy, emphasizing not only military prowess but also diplomatic skills and strategic planning. Mastering the game involves a blend of tactical thinking, resource management, and adaptability to various scenarios on the battlefield.

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