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What is Super Auto Pets?

Super Auto Pets is a delightful free-to-play auto battler that invites players to assemble a team of adorable pets, each with its unique abilities. The game offers a relaxing and chill gaming experience, allowing players to battle at their own pace in various game modes.

How to Play Super Auto Pets:

Arena Mode: In Arena mode, players engage in asynchronous multiplayer battles without time constraints. The goal is to achieve 10 wins before losing all your hearts. This laid-back mode encourages strategic thinking and careful planning as you build and refine your pet team.

Versus Mode: For a more intense and synchronous experience, Versus mode pits eight players against each other. Quick decision-making is essential in this mode, where the objective is to be the last team standing before another team knocks you out. The competitive nature of Versus mode adds an exciting layer to the gameplay.

Game Packs:

  • Standard Packs:

    • Ideal for players who want to jump into the game quickly.
    • Pre-built packs containing pets available during gameplay.
    • Ensures fair competition as everyone starts with the same set of pets.
  • Custom Packs:

    • Tailored for fans of deck-building mechanics.
    • Allows players to mix and match pets, creating unique and satisfying combos.
    • Expansions introduce more pets, offering a wide array of possibilities for strategic customization.
  • Weekly Packs:

    • Designed for players who enjoy variety.
    • Generated every Monday with a completely random set of pets.
    • Adds an element of surprise and adaptability to the gameplay each week.


  • Chill Auto Battler:

    • The game provides a laid-back and stress-free auto battler experience.
    • Perfect for players who enjoy strategic gameplay without the pressure of time limits.
  • Free-to-Play Model:

    • Super Auto Pets follows a free-to-play model, making it accessible to a wide audience.

Super Auto Pets combines adorable aesthetics with strategic gameplay, offering a unique auto battler experience. With its distinct game modes, customizable packs, and the weekly variation provided by the packs, the game caters to both casual players and those seeking a more competitive edge. Whether you're into quick asynchronous battles or intense synchronous showdowns, Super Auto Pets provides a charming and engaging experience for players of all preferences.

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