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What is Backpack Hero?

Backpack Hero is an innovative roguelike game centered around inventory management. Set in the chaotic world of Orderia, players assume the role of the titular hero, tasked with restoring order by discovering ancient treasures. The uniqueness of the game lies in the strategic placement of items within the backpack, shaping the character's strength and abilities.

How to Play Backpack Hero:

  • The core gameplay involves exploring various environments such as dungeons, caves, and swamps. Along the way, players encounter a diverse array of creatures, both friendly and deadly. Each level-up expands the backpack in distinctive shapes, providing more space for items and enabling creative organization.
  • The game introduces different characters with their magical backpacks, each offering distinct advantages and challenges. For instance, Tote defies conventional spatial concepts with her knowledge of arcane abilities, while Satchel's carefree approach presents both benefits and drawbacks.
  • In addition to combat and exploration, players are tasked with upgrading their towns by using gathered resources. The organized town contributes to the restoration of Orderia and the rescue of its inhabitants.

Rules and Functions:

  • Characters in Backpack Hero have unique backpacks that influence gameplay. For instance, Duffel's bag allows for chaining items together, creating unique effects during battles.

  • Animals found in dungeons offer unique combat bonuses, adding a layer of strategy to encounters.

  • The game includes seasonal content, such as spooky Halloween items, festive winter items, and a summer beach party.

  • Players can customize their backpacks and characters with various costumes and accessories.

  • The Kickstarter campaign offers backers exclusive rewards, including digital copies, in-game cosmetics, backgrounds, soundtracks, and opportunities to co-design items, NPCs, or item sets.

  • The risk and challenges section addresses potential delays but highlights the existing playable version online as a testament to the project's viability.

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