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What is Epic War 3?

Epic War 3, also known as Epic War 3: War of Heroes, is the third installment in the Epic War series. While initially gaining attention upon release, it received mixed reviews as some fans felt it deviated from the essence of the previous games. Despite this, it retains a significant level of fame within the series. The inclusion of the hero Viegraff, a consistent character across all Epic War games since, adds to its legacy.

The game is hosted on platforms like Kongregate and has amassed around 13 million plays, although its popularity waned after its launch. Epic War 3 introduces changes in gameplay mechanics, notably altering the "mana" system to a card-based unit deployment method, with limits on the number of cards and populations per unit type.

How to Play:

  • Card-Based Units: Manage a deck of cards representing different unit types, each with a population limit.
  • Unit Deployment: Strategically deploy units from the card deck to engage enemies and defend your base.
  • Hero Viegraff: Utilize the abilities and powers of the hero Viegraff to aid in battles and turn the tide in your favor.
  • Strategic Combat: Plan and execute strategies to overcome enemies while managing limited card slots and unit populations.
  • Level Progression: Advance through levels by defeating adversaries and unlocking new abilities and units.


  • Card-Based Population Limits: Manage a deck of cards with a limited population for each unit type.
  • Strategic Deployment: Strategically deploy units to defend your base and attack enemies effectively.
  • Hero Abilities: Utilize the unique abilities of the hero Viegraff to influence battles.
  • Progressive Unlocking: Unlock new abilities and units as you progress through levels and challenges.


  • Card-Based Deployment: Use a deck of cards to deploy units, each with its own population limit.
  • Strategic Planning: Strategize deployment and utilize the hero's abilities to gain advantages in battles.
  • Progressive Unlocking: Unlock new units, upgrades, and abilities as you progress through the game.

Epic War 3 introduces significant gameplay changes compared to its predecessors, utilizing a card-based system for unit deployment and population limits. Despite mixed reviews and a decrease in popularity over time, it retains a dedicated fan base within the Epic War series.

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