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What is Pixel Battles?

Pixel Battles is an engaging multiplayer game that offers four fun and exciting two-player pixel mini-games. Players can immerse themselves in a variety of challenges, from tank battles to thrilling go-kart races, football matches, and helicopter shootouts. The objective is to win three points before your opponent, making Pixel Battles a dynamic and entertaining gaming experience.

How to Play:

 - Select a Mini-Game: Choose from four different mini-games, each offering a unique and pixelated gaming experience.

 - Two-Player Action:

  • Engage in head-to-head competition with a friend or AI opponent.
  • Enjoy the variety of challenges presented in the selected mini-game.

 - Win 3 Points:

  • The goal is to be the first to accumulate three points in the mini-game.
  • Successfully overcome the challenges to earn points and progress towards victory.


  • Each mini-game has its own set of rules and objectives.
  • Win three points before your opponent to secure overall victory in Pixel Battles.


  • Four Mini-Games: Pixel Battles offers a variety of challenges, including tank battles, go-kart races, football matches, and helicopter shootouts.
  • Two-Player Mode: Engage in exciting head-to-head competition with a friend or face off against an AI opponent.
  • Dynamic Pixel Graphics: Enjoy a retro and pixelated aesthetic throughout all the mini-games.
  • Point System: The first player to accumulate three points in the selected mini-game wins the overall match.
  • Quick and Varied Gameplay: Experience a range of mini-games, each providing a different gaming dynamic and challenge.

Immerse yourself in the pixelated world of Pixel Battles, where quick thinking and skill are key to winning in these four fantastic two-player mini-games. Will you emerge as the ultimate champion in this thrilling pixel challenge?


  • MOVER JUGADOR 1 : W, A, S, D
  • MOVER JUGADOR 2: Arrow keys

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