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What is Janissary Battles?

Janissary Battles is a nostalgic compilation of 8 retro-pixel games, each representing a unique facet of the popular Janissary series. The compilation includes Arrow, Axe, Sword, Mace, Arena, Spear, Catapult, and Gun levels, offering players a diverse and challenging retro gaming experience. Exclusive to 2 players, Janissary Battles invites players to hit the play button and embark on a journey through these pixelated realms, aiming to achieve a high score of 5 in each level.

How to Play Janissary Battles:

 - Select a Game Level:

  • Players can choose from the 8 available game levels, each featuring a distinctive gameplay style.
  • Arrow, Axe, Sword, Mace, Arena, Spear, Catapult, and Gun levels present different challenges and require unique strategies.

 - Achieve a Score of 5:

  • The objective in each level is to achieve a maximum score of 5.
  • Players must navigate through pixelated challenges, overcoming obstacles, enemies, or other level-specific difficulties.

 - Track Wins on the Scoreboard:

  • The Scoreboard section, located at the corner of the screen in the main menu, allows players to keep track of their win count.
  • Completing levels adds to the player's overall score, showcasing their progress and mastery of each game.

 - Exclusive 2-Player Mode:

  • Janissary Battles are designed exclusively for 2 players, encouraging cooperative or competitive gameplay.
  • Players can engage in friendly rivalry or collaborate to conquer the challenges presented at each level.

Functions in Janissary Battles:

 - Retro-Pixel Aesthetics:

  • The game features charming retro-pixel graphics, invoking a sense of nostalgia for classic gaming enthusiasts.
  • Each level is visually distinctive, offering a unique aesthetic experience.

 - Variety of Game Levels:

  • Janissary Battles provides a diverse set of game levels, from precision-based challenges like Arrow and Gun to close-quarters combat in Sword and Mace.
  • The variety of levels ensures that players can explore different gaming styles within the compilation.

 - Score Tracking:

  • The Scoreboard function enables players to monitor their overall performance and win count.
  • Achieving a score of 5 at each level becomes a challenging yet rewarding goal for players.

 - 2-Player Exclusivity:

  • The game is tailored for a 2-player experience, fostering a sense of camaraderie or friendly competition.
  • Two players can collaborate or compete to conquer the pixelated challenges together.

Janissary Battles serve as a delightful homage to retro gaming with its compilation of 8 distinct pixelated levels. From Arrow precision to Catapult chaos, players can relive the classic Janissary series in this 2-player exclusive experience. With its score-tracking feature and diverse game levels, Janissary Battles invites players to embrace the charm of retro-pixel aesthetics while engaging in cooperative or competitive gameplay.



  • Blue character: tap on the right side or up key to attack
  • Red character: tap on the left side or W to attack


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