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Funny Battle Simulator brings a humorous twist to the world of war strategy games, inviting players to imagine and create the most epic battles of all time. Dive into a whimsical realm where cyclops, Spartans, and even the mighty Greek god Zeus collide in hilariously entertaining warfare. In this article, we'll explore what makes Funny Battle Simulator a cool and amusing game and provide a guide on how to assemble the perfect army for victory.

What is a Funny Battle Simulator?

Funny Battle Simulator is a war strategy game that offers a lighthearted and amusing take on epic battles. Players have the opportunity to create their perfect army, featuring a mix of fantastical units, including Cyclops, Spartans, and even the almighty Greek god Zeus. The game provides a unique blend of strategy and humor, allowing players to witness and control hilarious fights for victory.

How to Play Funny Battle Simulator:

Assemble your army and prepare for hilarious warfare in Funny Battle Simulator. Here's a guide to help you navigate the wacky battles and emerge victorious:

  • Unit Selection: Start by selecting your units. Choose from a variety of fantastical characters, including Cyclops, Spartans, and Zeus. Each unit brings its unique flavor to the battlefield.
  • Formation Planning: Strategically plan the formation of your army. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each unit and position them efficiently to create a powerful and coordinated force.
  • Deploy Zeus: For an extra dose of amusement and power, deploy the mighty Greek god Zeus onto the battlefield. Watch as he unleashes his divine powers to turn the tide of the battle.
  • Witness Hilarious Fights: Once your army is ready, sit back and witness the hilarious battles unfold. Enjoy the comedic clashes between your units and the opposing forces.
  • Adapt and Experiment: Pay attention to the outcome of each battle. Adapt your strategy based on the performance of your units, and don't hesitate to experiment with different unit combinations for added entertainment.
  • Celebrate Victory: Celebrate your victories in the most entertaining fashion. Whether it's the unique animations or the sheer hilarity of the battles, revel in the fun of achieving success in Funny Battle Simulator.

 Funny Battle Simulator offers a delightful and entertaining experience for players seeking a humorous take on war strategy games. From assembling an amusing army to witnessing epic battles filled with laughter, this game delivers a unique blend of strategy and hilarity. Prepare for whimsical warfare, and may the funniest army emerge victorious in this one-of-a-kind battle simulator!


  • Left Mouse Button – Create Unit
  • Right Mouse Button + CTRL – Delete Unit
  • WASD – standard movement
  • WASD + Right Mouse Button (Hold) – Alternative Move
  • Shift – speed up the movement
  • Q / E – Rotate the camera

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